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Why Sentiment Analysis?

  • To hear your customers feedback
  • To write customer centric content
  • To optimize customer engagement
  • To increase conversion rate
  • To delivery great customer experience

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    Sentiment analysis

    extracts phrases and words from text and categorizes them into different sentiments, typically strong or weak positive, neutral, strong or weak negative, major problems, and minor problems. For example, a page with 6% strong positive sentiments might get 30% exit whereas a page with 7% strong positive sentiments might get a 25% exit rate. Learn more..

    Lexical Analysis

    breaks down textual content into its basic parts of speech. With lexical analysis, you can use the parts of speech counts to look for relationships with the engagement metrics such as time spent on a page or exit%. Lear more..

    MimoLex has combined lexical and sentiment analysis with web analytics to help marketers and communicators create predictive engagement models.

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