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Thinking Outside the Box to Connect with Customers


Marketing to a target audience is no longer as easy as it once was. With the rise of the number of online consumers combined with internet security and safety blocking access to personal information, it is often more difficult to identify your target audience based solely off demographics and other key information. So how do marketers reach their audience and turn them into clients?

It’s time to start thinking out of the box! Marketers can no longer afford to simply be writers of great content who know how to reach customers and keep them engaged; they must now begin to think like publishers as well.

When an author submits a manuscript to a publisher, his job is to review the content and be able to predict the potential success of the manuscript in a very short amount of time. Years of experience, understanding the market and the audience, and having a hunch of what will be the next best thing are all tools the publisher uses to predict that level of success.

Unfortunately, marketers do not have years to shift their paradigm and begin thinking this way; the time is now. In 2013, eMarketer estimated that while “digital ad spending passed the $100 billion mark for the first time [in 2012].and will increase by a further 15.1% in 2013 to $118.4 billion,” which will put “online and mobile advertising on track…to account for more than one-quarter of all add spending by 2016.” With this level of spending, and the need to reach customers more important than ever, marketers must begin thinking like publishers now.

And the time has never been more exciting to make this shift in paradigm than now. Recently, a group of researchers at Stony Brook University analyzed thousands of volumes of literary work, and realized that by breaking the manuscripts into the lexical components, they could predict with 84% accuracy which would become best-sellers.

Imagine then, applying that concept to marketing collaterals. If marketers no longer have to worry about reaching their target audience through demographic data that may not be accurate, but instead can do it through great written copy that has been predicted to show success, the results could be outstanding. And copy that has been predicted for success through a real time, HANA based process, will be a better use of those marketing dollars.

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