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Why Good Writing Matters



Content is King


Website owners and webmasters will often focus on the technological aspect of digital marketing even for the content they post. For instance, they will go deep into coding the copy to make it easy for people to find it from search. They make one critical mistake. Your content could be very well optimized. But when your visitors arrive, they are going to look for well written, interesting, and mostly non-promotional copy that they can read and share, and not some optimized text. In fact, it’s going to turn them off.


It’s all very well to have a crisp, clean and well-designed website. You have thousands of back links – great job. But if your copy isn’t well written, then you’ll get nowhere.


Good writing has always mattered, and it matters in the online world too. In fact, it matters more here, because you are trying to convince the visitor to place an order and part with his money. Statistics tell us that you just have about 10 seconds or even less to impress a visitor at your website. You run the risk of losing them forever if you can’t grab them immediately. And it’s going to be a costly proposition if you are getting paid traffic from PPC search engines.


Good Copy Makes Them Stay Longer, and Convert Too

A cleverly crafted engaging copywriter will keep your visitors asking for more. This can turn 10 seconds into 30 seconds, into a minute, and eventually into a sale. If they are not ready to buy yet, but find your copy interesting and useful, then you can get them to subscribe to your newsletter or free course. This lets you stay connected with them. You can then keep sending useful information to keep them interested. Maybe, down the line, you’ll make a sale. This happens all the time.


Comprehensive Content Marketing Plan

Inbound marketing is greatly dependent on written content. It’s not just the copy and how effective it is on your website. For instance, if you are running a PPC campaign, then the copy you display on those advertisements in PPC search engines matter. Good copy can increase the CTR (Click Through Rate), which means more people will click on them and land up in your website. But it won’t work if the copy on your website isn’t in line with what you wrote in the advertisement. If that happens, then your campaign will just end up leaking money. You’ll make very few conversions. Its better that you pause the campaign, or pull down your advertisements.


So good copy isn’t just good writing! It’s smart writing too. The right strategy would be to have a comprehensive content marketing plan. It depends on whether you are trying to sell or trying to inform. It depends on whether you are there “for the moment” or “for the long haul”.


You need good copy on the social media front too. But there, to be most effective, what you need is engaging content, which means informative and interesting copy that your audience can like, share and tweet.


Of course well written content is essential for your brand value as well. What you are writing or saying, and how you are doing it, reflects who you are. If you can’t do it well enough, then the visitors are going to see you negatively. Not only do you lose out on sales and followers, but the image of your business entity goes down as well. And that’s going to have a long-term impact.


You can fix the content, but it’s far more difficult to fix a negative brand value. That’s why you should do the content right the first time.





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