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Latest News: Check out what DataInformed has to say about MimoLex!

Woodbridge, NJ o6/11/2014

Michael Nadeau, founding¬†publisher of DataInformed, recently reviewed MimoLex. His article sheds light on how big data, Lexical Analysis and Sentiment Analysis could be used by marketers to transform the way copies are written and customers’ are heard. His insightful analysis of the advancements in this field combined with interesting customers interviews, highlights the importance of applying the right tools to increase customer engagement and conversion.

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About MimoLex:

MimoLex mines and captures information from sites where your company may be mentioned, then takes it through a unique processing to provide you alerts and simple to use and easy to read reports. It goes beyond sentiment analysis to help you write best selling marketing content. It employs the latest research in Linguistic and sentiment analysis to help you build predictive models for website engagement metrics such as time spent and exit %. It provides you the opportunity to conduct A/B experiments for engagement metrics as well as comparison of your site content to competitor web pages.

About MimosaSoft:

MimosaSoft develops business process templates that help companies reduce project implementation time and complexity in rolling out enterprise solutions. Its template applications (tApps) provide out-of-the-box solutions that help solve specific business problems by combing the power of your ERP applications with process best practices leading to accelerated return on IT investments and business insights. Current offerings include SwiftConnect and MimoLex.


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