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MimoLex – Corporate Media Relations

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Customer, investor, employee and media feedback comes from a number of channels

MimoLex – Corporate Media Relations

MimoLex makes it easy for corporate communications leaders to listen to online feedback from customers, investors, employees and press. Instead of giving links to thousands of webpages, it digests what is being said in those pages, extracts insights and provides actionable reports and alerts.

Business Value:

  • Monitor and analyze sentiments expressed online about your brand
  • Useful for listening to feedback related to crisis management, media relations, philanthropy, influence outreach, corporate advertising, employee relations, sponsorships and ceo positioning
  • Write engaging and persuasive communique
  • Participate in important conversations about your company on your website, blog pages, news or social media sites
  • Gauge your brand perception in the market place vis-à-vis competitors


MimoLex Solution

  • Helps in diagnosis of problems related to brand communication
  • Extracts sentiments related to your brand or campaign from a number of channels including company websites, public blogs, news media sites and social media
  • Performs multi channel sentiment and lexical analysis very fast through in-memory computing and big data analysis
  • Offers simple comparative and competitive analysis
  • Helps build predictive models for engagement metrics such as the time spent on a page


MimoLex Key Features:

  • Detailed analysis of your websites, related blogs, new media sites and social media pages
  • Supports monitoring of predefined list of urls as well as dynamic search terms
  • Evaluation of brand mentions
  • Over 25 different report types via interactive charts and tables
  • No additional software or hardware needed; High performance cloud hosted solution.
  • Approved and listed in the SAP HANA Marketplace
  • Allows you to explore correlations and conduct A/B experiments
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