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MimoLex – Publishing

  • Do you find driving subscriber engagement challenging? 
  • Pubshisher question

  • Are your visitors spending enough time on your web page and are they engaged with the content? 
  • Do you have insights into why some page contents are more engaging and appealing to the audience as compared to the other content on the other page?

MimoLex – Publishing Overview

MimoLex – Publishing can be deployed for both SaaS and On-Premise platform which enriches textual content through automated tagging, categorization, linguistic analysis and semantic mining. MimoLex – Publishing can be used by online publishers,  content aggregators, news collectors, and contextual advertising firms world-wide to leverage, understand and monetize online content assets.

Business Value

  • Help writers and publishers improve user conversion and engagement leveraging Natural Language Processing, Bigdata Analytics and In-memory computing capabilities
  • Provides publishers with the tools and capabilities necessary to compete in today’s highly-interconnected global information economy
  • Produce more effective & engaging content by understanding its lifecycle by building an evolving content benchmark and compare against your peers
  • Publishers can create personalized recommendations continually
    throughout the day, as new stories arrive and as user interest in specific stories peaks and declines.


  • Diagnosis of problems related to product and brand communication
  • Facilitates the development of strong positive messages
  • Multi channel sentiment analysis
  • Offers simple lexical analysis along with comparative and competitive analysis
  • Helps build predictive models for engagement metrics such as time spent on a page

Key Features

Lexical & Sentiment Analysis

  • Content mining platform provides advanced natural language processing and information extraction capabilities
  • Keyword-level, document-level and entity-level sentiment mining and analysis
  • Deep linguistic analysis used to identify the subject author is discussing
  • Analyzing content on the website
  • Identify comparative sentences from texts, e.g., reviews, forum or blog postings, and news articles.
  • Extract comparative relations from the identified comparative sentences.
  • Can detect and process slangs, common misspellings, emotion icons, hash-tags etc.
  • Extract positive and negative opinions according to the context
  • Multilingual sentiment analysis of text from different sources

Multi-Channel Listening

  • Mine and summarize online opinions in reviews, blogs, forum discussions, etc
  • Instant notification of crisis keywords to warn of potential issues
  • Monitor published content as well as readers review on social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Correlation Analysis – Google Analytics Data

  • Engagement Metrics = f (Lexical, Sentiment)
  • Real time information on average response rate on facebook, twitter and your website


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