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SwiftConnect – Market Places

Get your products into Market Places efficiently

Millions of consumers purchase wide range of products on market places such as eBay and Amazon. Are you leveraging those channels? Do you have an efficient process to send accurate product information in a timely manner to these vibrant market places?
SwiftConnect – Market Places will help you get your product catalog into world’s learning shopping networks efficiently.
Key Benefits
– Increase sales, brand awareness and traffic to your website
– Consistent product information across channels
– Timely inventory and price updates
– Automated

SwiftConnect – Market Places is a business ready tApp

  • Efficient and fast syndication
  • Can be leveraged to build custom applications that integrate eBay trading with your internal business apps
  • Can be used to automate sales and business data extraction from eBay into your systems
  • FREE Actionable Reports to measure channel effectiveness, ROI and campaigns
  • Small monthly subscription fee and No long-term contracts
  • No additional software or hardware investment needed
  • Can be easily integrated with your website catalog or ERP or PIM system(s)
  • Increase accuracy and consistency across channels
  • Reduced risks and costs of data integration and migration
1 Month Free Trial on Any one Market Place of your choice!

  • Small monthly subscription fee
  • No long-term contracts
  • FREE Analytics
  • FREE Support and resources
  • Reduced risks and costs of data integration and migration

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