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SwiftConnect – MDP

Publish Your Products to Marketing Data Pools Fast

Marketing Data Pools such as Edgenet’s BigHammer provide a solid foundation for retailers to collaborate with suppliers. Meaningful, complete and attractive product information that encompass product assests that range from marketing copies to pdf and video documents drive consumer purchasing decisions. Successful online retailers have realized the importance of this master data foundation and its impact on revenue, customer experience and satisfaction.

Has your big-box retailer mandated that you provide them complete product data with classification information in a timely manner?

Are you using BigHammer or a similar Marketing Data Pool Service Provider to exchange your product catalog with your retailer?

SwiftConnect – MDP can help you get your product catalog into world’s leading Marketing Data Pools efficiently.

Key Benefits

  • Efficiently syndicate product catalog to your retailer
  • Educate and entertain your customers
  • Repurpose your digital assests
  • Consistent product information across channels
  • Automate data feeds

SwiftConnect – MDP is a business ready tApp

  • Efficient and fast syndication
  • Can be easily integrated with your website catalog or ERP or PIM system(s)
  • Small monthly subscription fee and No long-term contracts
  • No additional software or hardware investment needed
  • Increase accuracy and consistency across channels
  • Reduced risks and costs of data integration and migration
1 Month Risk-Free Trial!

  • Small monthly subscription fee
  • No long-term contracts
  • FREE Analytics
  • FREE Support and resources
  • Reduced risks and costs of data integration and migration

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