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SwiftConnect – Social Media

Put Your Facebook Page to Work

You have worked hard to build a community of fans around your company. We can help you monetize your connections and turn them into customers!

SwiftConnect – Social Media can help you get your product catalog into world’s leading social media site Facebook.

Key Benefits

  • Integrates your product information to you facebook page
  • Makes it easy for your fans to buy and recommend your products
  • Repurpose your digital assests
  • Consistent product information across channels
  • Automate data feeds

SwiftConnect – Social Media is a business ready tApp

  • Efficient and fast syndication
  • Can be easily integrated with your website catalog or ERP or PIM system(s)
  • Small monthly subscription fee and No long-term contracts
  • No additional software or hardware investment needed
  • Increase accuracy and consistency across channels
  • Reduced risks and costs of data integration and migration
1 Month Free Trial!

  • Small monthly subscription fee
  • No long-term contracts
  • FREE Analytics
  • FREE Support and resources
  • Reduced risks and costs of data integration and migration

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