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We can help you develop a comprehensive data strategy along with integration and governance model. We work with a number of leading system integration partners to offer the following services.

  • Data strategy and architecture development
  • MDM/PIM/PCM solution evaluation
  • Data consolidation, harmonization and enrichment
  • Repository design and development
  • Publication of product data through SwiftConnect® suite
Criteria MDM-SwiftConnect Solution Other Vendors
Can I leverage existing investment in ERP (SAP, ORACLE etc.)
Is this aligned with over all master data strategy?
Does it provide Bighammer integration (out-of-the-box)?
Can I use it for GDSN?
Can I use it for HMDP?
Can I use it for THD-Item Data Management?
Can it support requests from other trading partners?
Can I publish to social networks such as Facebook?
Can I publish to comparison shopping networks such as google shopping?
Project Cost Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Project Time Accelerated Implementation
We have a team of seasoned MDM engineers that have deep understanding of ERP systems and experiencing delivering integrated solutions. Combined with our Global delivery model and proven expertise & experience in ERP you will benefits in many ways:

  • Access to proven business process templates
  • SwiftConnect® Suite of apps for efficient publication of product data
  • Easy access to a vast pool of experienced SAP resources and global delivery competency
  • Cost effective and on-time implementation combined with superior post-implementation support services

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