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Getting People to Read Informative Content



You’ve spent valuable time researching the topic that’s supposed to solve a painful problem. And several hours writing and editing it to make it perfect. Your brain is overworked trying to come up with the right phrases. You’ve gone through it several times to make sure that you’ve covered it all. Finally you are ready to publish it. You post it on your blog and share it over the social networks. You want everybody to read your post. You want to attract the right audience.

So what happens? Absolutely nothing! There are no tweets, zero comments, and no shares.

It can be very depressing for the writer. Where did you go wrong?

The truth is that, this isn’t really a stray incident. It’s happening to most writers out there.

The content published could be very valuable. It might be engaging and interesting as well. But readers aren’t still reading it. Why? It’s probably because the content is not reader-friendly.

Getting people to read your content is less about what you have written. It’s more about styling. However this doesn’t of course mean that you should compromise on the writing quality. Jakob Nielson, a web marketing guru, carried out a usability study way back in 1997 and concluded that 79% people on the Internet won’t read line by line. They would rather scan the text.


Make Your Copy Scannable

So you have to make the copy scannable and easy to read. Thankfully, you can do it easily enough. Keep your paragraphs and sentences short. Make it snappy. Forget about all those English compositions you learned in school. Style is going to be more important here. Use bullets and numbered lists, and write a compelling headline and sub-headlines. You’ll see that more people are reading your copy. There will be more comments and shares. There will be better participation. Modern-day web marketing gurus and smart writers are following this strategy, and finding success.

Present your personal experience if you’re trying to solve an issue. Readers will connect with you because they too are facing the same challenges. Hand-hold them, show them how you solved the problem. And if there are any comments or questions, then do answer back quickly.

It’s true that the Internet is not a reader friendly medium. But you can still make it work if you work smart.

You might also want to break up the content into a series of posts instead of putting everything into one. Most people can’t take too much anyway. So make it easier for them to digest the information. By doing this, you’ll also make them keep coming back.


What Should You Write On – Selecting the Topic

Are you sure you are covering the right topics? Think again. It’s entirely possible that you are not covering the issues that your audience is interested in.

Do you often cover issues that you want to write on, or do you have some insight/data that tells you the actual topics they want you to do?


Cover More Topics

Here’s a plan you could follow if you don’t have such data or aren’t sure about what your readers are asking for. You could cover a variety of topics. By doing this, you are going to keep them interested and coming back. Your readers can then choose what they want to read, based on what’s the most relevant and interesting to them. Of course, it would be easier if you have a vast website, or if you are in a niche where there are plenty of writing opportunities.


Make Your Copy Easy To Share

The hard task is getting somebody to visit your blog and read the story. So you should be in a position to make the most of it, if you’ve achieved this primary goal.

Make it easy for them to share the story. Many would like to share because they have liked it themselves. Remember, the average person is quite lazy. Don’t make them sign in to their accounts for sharing it. Make the buttons really prominent. Make it as easy as you can.



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