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Vertical search engines are more useful than Google

According to an MDR research study, teachers spend over 7 hours searching for learning resources and another 5 hours creating something on their own! It is not due to lack of information. On the contrary, it takes more time because there is too much information and general purpose search engines such as Google and Bing fail to understand the intent behind an educator’s search.
Vertical search engines that have a razor sharp focus on their users need help solve this problem. For example, Lumos EdSearch is designed to help educators find standards aligned learning resources. It is a directory of learning resources as well as educational organizations and events. Teachers can easily discover thousands of grade and standards appropriate questions, videos, mobile applications, worksheets, and lessons. It also provides information about their school, libraries and educational conferences.

One of the distinguishing features of vertical search engines such as EdSearch is that they can help users consume the information in a meaningful manner. i.e. They go beyond the discovery. For example, Lumos EdSearch allows a teacher to easily create a resource kit and assign it to their students.

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