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MimoLex – Retail

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MimoLex – Retail Overview

MimoLex helps retailers gain competitive advantage. MimosaSoft offers templates Applications (tApps™) to help retailers and brand owners increase sales and customer satisfaction through application of in-memory computing, natural language processing, integration technologies and big-data analytic.

Business Value:

  • Monitor your online brand positions by evaluating the strength and tone of online content related to their brands using lexical analysis.
  • Achieve better targeted marketing, faster detection of opportunities and threats, brand-reputation protection, and the ultimate aim – profit with sentiment analysis.
  • Understand the online conversation in real-time leveraging In-Memory functionality
  • Engage with your customers and empower them to take action by executing effective communication
  • Gauge brand perception in the market place vis-à-vis competitors
  • Customize promotion offers based on the intent expressed to purchase by the customers thus leading to better sales.



  • Diagnosis of problems related to product and brand communication
  • Facilitates the development of strong positive messages
  • Multi channel sentiment analysis
  • Offers simple lexical analysis along with comparative and competitive analysis
  • Helps build predictive models for engagement metrics such as time spent on a page


MimoLex Retail Key Features:

Lexical & Sentiment Analysis:

  • Analysis content of your websites, various blogs and online retail stores.
  • Evaluate brand mention of your apps, product, channel interaction, visitor footfall, social media sites on app store like Google Play.
  • Over 25 different report types via interactive charts and tables


Multi-Channel Listening and Alerting

  • Capturing and analyzing customers and prospects review on B2B/B2C portal such as, Blog comments, Good Reads, etc.
  • Instant notification of crisis keywords to warn of potential issues
  • Monitor published content on your website as well as on social networks


Correlation Analysis – Google Analytics Data

  • Engagement Metrics = f (Lexical, Sentiment)
  • Capture and evaluate visitor footfall, average time on page, exits, and bounce rates
  • Diagnose areas that could turn off an average reader and convert them to customers.
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