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  • Is your customer engaged in your content or sales message? Engage More..
  • Are your customers talking about your brand on social media?  Do they care to refer your products to a friend? Are they unhappy with some features of your product? Have they found innovative uses for your product? Listen More..
  • Are you connecting with your customers at an emotional level to elicit desired call-to-action? Sell More..
  • Are they happy with your product or service? Are they pleased with your commitment to delivery value consistently?  Serve More..
  • Is your competitor’s webinar getting more registrations? Does the type of words or sentiments expressed in your written communication impact subscriber engagement? Connect More..

Mimolex Overview
The MimoLex tApp helps marketers write engaging content, listen to customers across multiple channels and get insights into what customers respond to. MimoLex goes beyond sentiment analysis and allows construction of models that relate engagement metrics such as time spent on a page to lexical and sentiment composition. Then, it uses the empirical models to forecast engagement metrics for new pages.


Business Value

  • Increases subscriber engagement and conversion
  • Enhances brand value through engaging communication
  • Improves customer service by responding to customer feedback in a timely manner
  • Reduces the risk of accidental negative messages
  • Helps get insights into competitor strategies

mimolex-overview-1 MimoLex extracts textual data from websites and collaterals, loads it into high performance in-memory database, runs advanced algorithms in real-time to generate easy to read reports.

  • Diagnosis of problems related to product and brand communication
  • Facilitates the development of strong positive messages
  • Multichannel sentiment analysis
  • Offers simple lexical analysis along with comparative and competitive analysis
  • Helps build predictive models for engagement metrics such as time spent on a page

MimoLex offers unique industry specific solutions.

Key Features


  • Lexical & Sentiment Analysis
  • Multi-Channel Listening
  • Build predictive models for engagement metrics such as time spent on a page
Sentiment overview

  • The Mimolex solution is built on a robust platform using Natural Language Processing (NLP).
  • Mimolex leverages In-Memory computing capabilities to handle big data.
  • In-Memory processing of big-data enables MimoLex to derive reports real-time.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Social Media and partner sites to capture and analyze readers, prospects and customers sentiments.



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