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SwiftConnect – GDSN

Supply Chain Optimization Through GDSN

Supply chain optimization is critical for every retailer and supplier. Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) provides the data and process foundation to effectively exchange product information among trading partners.

Are you mandated by your retailer to provide product data through GDSN?

Do you have the EDI infrastructure that supports it in a cost effective manner?

SwiftConnect – GDSN can help you transmit your product information to enable Supply Chain Optimization

Key Benefits

  • Robust engine for transmitting supply chain data to GDSN
  • Integration with your ERP or PIM systems
  • Cost effective
  • Makes it easy for your fans to buy and recommend your products
  • Consistent product information across channels
  • Automate data feeds

SwiftConnect – GDSN is a business ready tApp

  • Efficient and fast syndication
  • Can be easily integrated with your website catalog or ERP or PIM system(s)
  • No additional software or hardware investment needed
  • Increase accuracy and consistency across channels
  • Reduced risks and costs of data integration and migration
1 Month Free Trial!

  • Small monthly subscription fee
  • No long-term contracts
  • FREE Analytics
  • FREE Support and resources
  • Reduced risks and costs of data integration and migration

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